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Cards received in today's post.
My teams Norwich & Sunderland probably two of the less glamorous teams in the league yielded a total of 28 cards (no doubles !), pretty happy with that.

Norwich base x 10
Sunderland base x 8

Parallel Norwich #65 Van Wolfswinkel (48/99 Green)
Parallel Sunderland #178 Altidore (93/99 Green)
Jersey Relic JR-CW Wickham
Jersey Relic JR-JHO Howson
Midfield Maestro MM-AP Pilkington
Parallel Midfield Maestro MM-AJ Johnson (50/99 Green)
Hot Shot HS-JA Altidore
Parallel Future Star FS-FB Borini (21/99 Green)
Autograph Future Star SP-JHO Howson
Autograph Future Star SP-CW Wickham

Many thanks to Portlaw for organising

A Big Thankyou to all my Trading Partners

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