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Another thing with 1/1's which I'm guilty of too is saying I overpaid on it. You can never really overpay on a 1/1, if there are 2 of a card and 1 sells for $10 and you buy the other 1 for $100 then yes you overpaid. But with 1/1's it's all about what the buyer is willing to pay and as there are no others like it, the person in the world who is willing to pay the most for that card will set the one and only price for that card and so it is not over paying. I do understand that some 1/1's may go for less in a bidding situation but then again it may not. If every single 1/1 in the set was set at $1000 with sellers not budging for less than $900, yes it would be out of the majority of peoples price ranges including my own but those who could afford it and wanted it for their collection would pay it and so the price wouldn't budge that much. Just my opinion on the matter :)
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