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Feb 4 2014, 05:05 PM
Your being very rude and arrogant Tobygan. No one is accusing the signatures of being fake. We are saying that the cards are not Topps issued. Topps confirmed this to Sub, and therefore I don't see why this is going on and on?

As for your point saying they weren't issued, why would Topps get Reus and Schweinsteiger, 2 of Bundesligas best players, to sign cards and then they don't issue them? They wouldn't! And I don't think bringing in personal hatred towards someone is really relevant here.

Unless we see definitive proof, I don't think anyone will believe they are Topps issued. Sorry.
I have repeated my point of view. I insist because someone here said my friend's card is self-made. so I treat this as offensive. and I need to defend for my friend.

what I am talking about is that the card is not fake. I repeat I dont care if the card is launch officially by Topps or not. I just care the sticker and the autograph is authentic. thats it. if the sticker and the autograph is real, who cares how it launch, maybe some of you guys cares, but I dont. I just treat it with great value.

all I am doing is defending for my friend. so I dont mean to pull anyone who is not involved to join to argue.
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