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Hi all,

I managed to purchase 3 boxes of the old 2002 Topps premier gold. I'll probably sell 1 as I know these are rare and many people would like a box to get the collection themselves. But will do a 1 maybe 2 box break by the team on here. Please comment below if interested :)


To the cost, each box cost me $30, I know, $30. I don't know if I'm deluded but that price seems exceptionally cheap to me.

So lets just go for the 3 box break eh? Cost of the boxes = $90, Shipping of boxes = $55, Customs = ??? (it is being shipped by USPS and so I've never encountered customs over 50 euro, whereas the UPS customs were 100 euro. Postage of cards = $3 (if under 100 grams) $6 (if over 100 grams) so lets just say $3 x 20= $60.

Cost: 90 + 55 + 60 = $205, lets just round that to $200 / 20 teams = roughly $10 per slot. There will be the paypal charge of 4% I believe, as it must be sent as goods and also any customs which will be incurred but payment for the customs will not be needed till the boxes arrive.

BUT there is no Chelsea or Spurs auto (thanks for the info Steve) and so the Liverpool and Southampton slot will be $15 (they have 3 auto's and the potential of an Owen, and Southampton have 2 auto's and the potential of a Le Tissier) and Chelsea and Spurs $5. As this break is relatively cheap I will not tier all teams in it and again as it is so cheap we can just random the redemption (if pulled) :)

Arsenal - Green6677
Aston Villa - Portlaw PAID
Blackburn Rovers - ofb1988 PAID
Bolton Wanderers - monkey76 PAID
Charlton Athletic - ofb1988 PAID
Chelsea - ofb1988 PAID
Derby County - Tollyman PAID
Everton - Green6677
Fulham - ofb1988 PAID
Ipswich Town - ofb1988 PAID
Leeds United - ofb1988 PAID
Leicester City - Tollyman PAID
Liverpool - Futeraliverpool PAID
Manchester United - bibster PAID
Middlesbrough - Tollyman PAID
Newcastle United - ofb1988 PAID
Southampton - monkey76 PAID
Sunderland - Portlaw PAID
Tottenham Hotspur - ofb1988 PAID
West Ham United - bibster PAID

Here is a checklist


Charlton, Fulham, Ipswich, Southampton and Liverpool all with 2 or more auto's in the set. The odds are 1:36 for auto's and 1:72 for a jersey redemption. Each box will contain 36 packs
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