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In following to Toby's post... the first one, I am going to do a breakdown of what you have to do to complete the set.

So... presuming there are ten cards in a pack...
and regular foils are 1/1,
and rainbows are 1/2
and hc's are lets say 1/16

you will need
32 packs to get all Rainbows
54 packs to get all MotM's
and (supposdly) 200 packs to get HC's. (no doubt Mr. Helpful Toby will correct me if I am wrong! :))

so... if all goes really well... 62 packs for all excluding 3 HC's... thats one box and 12 packs. The other three HC's... umm... will have to be got elsewhere.

Correct me if anything I have noted is incorrect (probably is), and this is best scenario, so don' expect this!
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