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Can't really argue with the Arsenal picks. Jenko has been ok so 3* seems fair enough. Gnabry probably deserves 4*, but looking at the other choices for other teams, I'd say we're lucky to even see him in the set. Bendtner is overated, he isn't better than Gnabry so I would swap the * rating for them personally. Sanogo could maybe have been Miyaichi, but I can see why he's been included and the * rating seems fair.

I would have gone for Flamini and Koscielny as Game Changers and Ramsey as MOTM. Ozil has been average since October and Koscielny is a better CB than BFG, but both are good, so it's not too poor a decision.

Anyway, the whole checklist is stupidly poor and it really makes me think that the people behind the choices for this collection have little/no idea of the Premier League. I don't collect these sets anymore and I don't think I will until Panini get the contract or Topps improve their collections.
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