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Feb 26 2014, 10:27 PM
Feb 26 2014, 08:46 PM
It would be nice if Topps entered into a dialogue on this forum.

As a new user could old hands tell me: in your opinion do Topps use this for monitoring their customers? Do they undertake any other customer research you know about it?
topps dont care about the fans all they care about is money
hope they lose the rights to panini sooner the better in my apinion
AMEN to that caveboydave!
Topps are continually giving us inferior products while maximising profits.

Topps spend so much ('s) in securing the lucrative rights for the Premier League and official license from The FA it appears they have very little left in their budget to actually research, plan and produce a quality product.

I doubt the staff in Topps' UK editorial team have even followed the Premier League campaign this season judging by their selections (or should that be lack of selections) for the MA Extra 13/14 collection! And to underline how lazy Topps UK have got they have even copied the "Game Changers" moniker from Panini.

Some have said Topps have rushed this collection. More like they can't be bothered.

Poor show from Topps UK editorial team (again!) to say the least.

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