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I started off with the intention of buying everything Crystal Palace and really tried to do so. As it has gone on, I'm not so fussed about the platinum 1/1's (they don't look anything special if I'm being honest) and so if the price for those is too high then I'm willing to just leave them, and with the printing plates, instead of being a completeist, I've lowered my goals and 'just' am after one of the four plates per card design.

I would like more of the 'Premier Gold' 1/1's, and the rarest jersey relic cards but they seem to be rarer than hens teeth for my team!

It's a nice feeling though seeing a card on ebay at a high starting price (eg a 1/10 shirt card) and knowing that I've already got it, particularly if I didn't pay anything like that much!

It is a bit of a shame though that there are less and less new rare cards coming onto ebay now. I suppose not every pack manufactured has been opened, and not every rare card will be sold through the various ebay sites. Naively I thought that nobody in USA, Canada or Asia would hold onto Palace cards, and that most people buying packs abroad would just sell these players straight away, but obviously not - a rare 1/1 is still a nice card regardless of the player and so many have stayed with the 'finder' and never made it to ebay. Learned a lot for 'next time' if there is another release next year (and my team are in it!) - I suspect I would have a narrower range of collecting goals.
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