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@Dorking - I agree with you about the platinum base cards but I got in the Guzan platinum jersey card and those platinum cards look really nice, nicer than the gold or orange jersey parallels in my opinion, I think it's because they had to have the platinum in the base a lot lighter (a grey kind of colour) to keep the card attractive as the platinum effect in the jersey card is darker (black/purple colour).

@rhinorays - I agree about not wanting to pay high prices for some cards, I just forked out $100 for a Benteke 1/1 premier gold and then a Weimann 1/1 platinum just sold for under $40. I feel like I just gave in too much money on the card even though the golds are nicer looking and I guess Benteke is a more popular player amongst collectors. The reason I don't want to pay high prices is so I have more funds for more cards for my collection, buying for 100 when resale may only be 50 doesn't bother me as these are for my collection and not an investment. Hopefully you manage to pick up some rare Sunderland cards at good prices and would love to see your collection when you have a chance to share :)
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