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I'm having a similar problem with the Borini Hot Shots #/11 - I've seen one when they were first released and nothing since - I think it's just a case of being patient and hoping any that appear aren't too steep.

Not fancying my chances of getting the Wickham card - I'm trying to get an Altidore #/11 from the same seller and the lowest he'll go to with that is $58 (approx 35) which is too expensive - another seller is selling it as a BIN for 20...

Merlin Ireland 2002 / Kevin Kilbane mini sticker (Walkers)

Topps Total Football 2009 / SHSS 394 - Kenwyne Jones / Sunderland redemption card

Panini Jeans Fussball 1977 / Sunderland badge

Quadriga Soccer Stars 83 - 84 / 221 Colin West, 222 Leighton James
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