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This is what they say - you have to buy 3 magazines to get all 3 sheets....

My Topps

Hi there, thanks for your comments. We'd like to confirm that there will be a sheet of 6 exclusive Match Attax Extra player cards available in the MOTD QUIZ SPECIAL, which comes out tomorrow (Wed 12th March). This special-edition MOTD magazine and a sheet of 6 exclusive cards will come in a polybag. There are three different sheets of cards that can be found, each featuring 6 different exclusive cards (so there are 18 exclusive cards that can be discovered in total). Each issue of the QUIZ SPECIAL will feature one of the three sheets of exclusive cards. Also inside each polybag will be 2 packets of Match Attax Extra cards. Thanks

In a polybag - probably wont be able to see the sheets. Rip-off.....
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