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Quite some people moaning about Topps in this topic. I don't really understand why. If you are not happy with how they operate, then don't buy their stuff. No one is forcing you to collect every single card, as no one is forcing families on limited budgets with more than 1 child. And have you ever thought about collectors from other countries, where Topps happily distributes their UK version of Match Attax, for whom it is almost impossible to lay hands on all these cards that only come out in the UK?

As far as I know, the MOTD magazine is not owned by Topps. The same goes for other media through which Topps cards were distributed this year. So is Topps gonna earn a lot of money from this? I doubt it very much. This is just their way of promoting their sets.

I like how they make special cards available through various channels, it makes collecting fun and doesn't limit people to just buying and opening packets.
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