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So Match Attax Extra Extra has 3 Fulham players spread across 3 different sheets. That means I will be buying 3 magazines for Renko Jr. and 3 magazines for the household Fulham album :help . I am not collecting this absolute shambles of a Extra collection, otherwise it would be 9 magazines. And all because Topps rushed a substandard collection onto the market before the majority of the transfer window signings were made.

Of the 3 Fulham players Kostas Mitroglou is definitely photoshopped; he has played one match in the home shirt and wore short sleeves. Its likely John Heitinga is also photoshopped as I cannot remember (and cannot imagine!!) him wearing long sleeves. They both have distinctive arm tattoos.

Finally if any foreign Match Attax collector wants to trade these sheets for Adrenalyn World Cup 2014 limited editions / European versions of England team cards please PM me!
Bring back Championship Match Attax!

Then for 2016-17 season League One Match Attax :-/
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