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Feb 27 2014, 08:53 PM
Very impressed i emailed Rod, monday evening and got a reply Tuesday morning so sorry for lately informing you all of what Rod said but he said, that all cards can be used. The only parameter is that the entire squad (including subs) must be £100 million or less. There is one exception and that is only 1 Hatrick hero card can be in your squad.

And with regards to the over age tournament there will be an over 14ís tournament. Whilst there will be a trophy and Gold card up for grabs, there isnít a grand final at a football stadium. Each event will have its own final.

I hope this helps everyone and i am very much looking forward to the Over age tournament, it should be great!
That only leaves the question of whether you can use your manager with the hattrick hero or not?
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