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I've been attempting to put together 4 base parallels. The 2 Guzan and the 2 Agbonlahor, before the release I didn't anticipate how costly these would be so I'm going to put my cost in getting these together and if others who have or are attempting to get one together wouldn't mind sharing it'd be interesting to see the difference in costs of putting one together. I know team and player will influence it but I think it'd be interesting.

Guzan (base and insert)

Base: 2/2 ($2)
Green: 2/2 ($4)
Orange: 2/2 ($30)
Platinum: 1/2 ($70)
Premier Gold: 2/2 ($150)

Total = $256 (missing a platinum). Approx. $160 per base parallel set

Agbonlahor (base and insert)

Base: 2/2 ($2)
Green: 2/2 ($2)
Orange: 2/2 ($35)
Platinum: 0/2 ($0)
Premier Gold: 1/2 ($30)

Total = $69 (missing 2 platinums and 1 premier gold). Approx $125 per base parallel set.

I did manage to get the Agbonlahor premier gold 1/1 and the Guzan orange /11 not from ebay so paid far less but putting each one together is far more expensive than I anticipated before the release
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