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I bought both binders and with the deluxe you get a plastic squad box and the front and back cover is metallic. The signings include Hart,Gerrard,Rooney,Lampard,Ronaldo and Paulinho. Not sure if there are any more players.

I'm a bit confused thought. They state that it 4000 lucky packs with a signed card but on the deluxe pack on the front it has 125 signed cards. I think it is 125 cards with Hart signed cards as on the back it has 4000 again.

Does it mean there are just 125 deluxe packs with just EXCLUSIVE Hart cards or 4000 signed std/lux with all the signed cards???

If it is just 125 deluxe signed packs does it mean standard packs have 3875 signings ???


Deluxe binder is nice though.
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