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Apr 19 2014, 10:53 AM
Hi all, I have several issues with the wording on and in the magazine (not just the copy that arrived this morning).
I was wondering if anyone has similar thoughts and had or was going to bring it to the attention of topps. The only reason that I subscribed was due to the limited editions and cards, and now I have to agree with many other posters that I feel ripped off with the Match Attax England situation.
1) On the front cover of the magazine it states = 2 Packs and then "More free cards than ever before!" This is factually incorrect. As they are giving away 2 packs only containing 5 cards in each, surely topps can not actually make this statement.
2) On the token page which now shows images of Rooney Bronze, Silver and Gold, it contains the wording "How to collect your EXCLUSIVE limited edition cards with this magazine" Therefore again this is factually incorrect in my opinion. If as we are led to believe the silver is available with print me, and the gold as we know is in starter packs, then again Topps are being misleading with their statements.
If anyone can give me any feedback and thoughts on this - I will be wording a message to topps over the next day or so.
Many thanks and hopefully we can prompt topps into actually rewarding subscribers with 'exclusive' items again.
Rich T
I contacted Topps about this last week as I was also feeling mislead, especially with the "more free cards than ever' statement. Even with my simple maths skills I can tell that the 15 cards (1 normal pack of 10 + the extra pack of 5) is less than the 2 packs of 5 cards currently being included.

I still haven't had a response from them yet so I might have to chase it up.
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