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I've had this response this morning...

"Thank you for bringing to our attention that there is an editorial oversight on this edition and the “more free cards” banner should have been removed. This phrase was used where we were giving away 15 free cards and should have been removed from this issue. This has now been rectified and as you so rightly stated we did give away the same number of cards this week as MOTD magazine however over the course of the year we will be giving away nearly twice as many cards with the Match Attax Weekly Collector Guide than with any other title.

On the England Limited Edition cards the Bronze Wayne Rooney card is only available to subscribers and will not be found in any other promotion or publication. The Silver LE is available via the Print Me service available at www.toppsdirect.com however should subscribers not wish to purchase this there is a second way to obtain the card which does not cost anything. The same applies to the Gold LE with a second option of redemption should they be using the reversible binder cover from the Match Attax Extra collection for the Match Attax England collection. This again offers a chance to subscribers to obtain the card at no further cost.

I hope that this covers all of the issues that you have raised but should you have any further queries please do not hesitate to contact me directly."

It was also confirmed to me that the Aguero vouchers will be continuing until early September (I'd asked because of the magazine was saying they would be available for "next few weeks")
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