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Jun 20 2014, 12:43 AM
That's nice of you :) or futera hehe.
Yes yes .. :)

It's all Futera. They were very kind to sponsor FCF with one of the first boxes out of the production system and some samples like the Production Set to video tape. That was really unique where they had the plates BOTH front and back with production proofs it comes in various combination if you are lucky to get 1. The Cert was there and sample's prints as well.

and here's a little snippet blooper which you might like to know. That video of the Production Set I did 3 takes of it. What you see was the final take .. ... I kept getting the naming conventions of the items in the Production Set wrong .. haha

As to the Contest .. 1 FINAL one will be up .. likely on Sunday .. once I get some clearance from Futera all items will be given out .. hopefully we have more participants and winners.

It will be a little different So good luck to everyone and stay tune for the Contest announcements.
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