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CLOSED - Final Results

Here's the Final Results and allocation, most got what they wanted as very few clashes except for the 7th and 8th place so the winner of that can be found HERE

Tied for 1st Spot 14 points each
- hacki1965 (Maldini Memo)
- dimon1975-0820 (Beckham Memo)

Tied for 3rd Spot with 12 points each
- Brummie3 (De Jong Memo)
- juninho (Barry Auto)

Tied for 5th Spot with 11 points each
- Primusneon (Ramires Auto)
- ofb1988 (Pablo Sorin Memo)

Tied for 7th Spot with 10 points each (blizzard drops out and the last 2 hits were randomized)
- blizzard
- artsefa (Berkamp parallel)
- bibster (Kompany Parallel)


There were total of 3 winners with 9 points
Weing Chiong

And a further 10 winners with 8 points

All items have been packed and will be making its way to the post office Tomorrow.

Here's what's up for grabs for the top 8 (another set of 12 consolation prizes will also be given out)

Posted Image

- David Beckham - Parallel Memo Patch 5/7
- Paolo Maldini - Memo Patch 017/111
- Juan Pablo Sorin - Memo Patch 059/111
- Nigel De Jong - Memostars 008/100
- Gareth Barry - Titans Auto 28/35
- Gaston Ramirez - Auto 50/75
- Dennis Berkamp - Parallel
- Vincent Kompany - Parallel

Here is a summation of the entries submitted a total of 49 participants.

Posted Image

Similar prizes as per the other Box Break. There are 8 hits in a box of Futera Unique 2014, the person with the best results gets to pick first followed by the next best result. Simple as that. The Box Break only happens during the France/Germany QF World Cup Match so I don't have the pics of what can be won yet until after that box is open. But I will pose the contest questions and that should give you more time to think about the answers. It will not be so easy this round, since I will be working hard and having fun bringing you the break I thought the winners should be working hard and having some fun too in order to win the cards :)

Contest CLOSES when the Argentina vs Belgium Quarterfinal Match Starts

Will come from the Box of Futera Unique 2014 to be opened
- Top 8 can get the pick of the hits
- Another 12 or so consolation prizes of the cards will be given out.
EVERYTHING from the box MUST be won !!! (well except the packs and the box itself)

Contest Rules
Pretty simple actually - MOST POINTS WINS (this basically helps to eliminate the need to do too many randomizations ... I hope)
Just answer the 16 Questions and each question will have a point value, score the most points by getting the correct answers. A max of 24 points and min of 0 I guess.
In the event of a tie, there will be 3 tie-breakers.
(a) Adding both scores from the 2 matches = Actual total Goals from the 2 matches (90 min)
(b) Total Yellow/Red Cards = Actual Total Yellow/Red Cards from the 2 matches (90 min)
(c) and if all else fails I will randomize the ties.
Read the questions carefully and answer them, any missed questions will score 0 points.

The questions 8 each will be based on the 2 Quarterfinal Matches.
(All based on 90 min game exclude extra time and penalties .. except the last question 8)
QF1 - Argentina vs Belgium
QF2 - Netherlands vs Costa Rica

Q1) [1 pt] Outcome at Half Time (put the country you think will lead or put DRAW if you think it will be a draw)
Q2) [1 pt] Outcome at Full Time - 90mins (put the country you think will lead or put DRAW if you think it will be a draw
Q3) [3 pt] Score at Full Time - 90mins
Q4) [2 pt] Team that score last - 90mins (put the country you think will score the last goal put NIL if you think it will end 0-0)
Q5) [2 pt] Total Yellow Cards issued - 90mins
Q6) [1 pt] Total Red Cards issued - 90mins
Q7) [1 pt] Name any Player that scores - 90mins (name a player from any team, own goal even as long as his name is on the score sheet after 90 mins or NIL if you think no one will score)
Q8) [1 pt] Do you think the game will go to Penalties [Yes or No]

In order to Help you so that you don't miss any questions you can use the template below

* * * * * * *

QF1 Argentina vs Belgium
QF1-1 : Half Time -
QF1-2 : Full Time -
QF1-3 : Score -
QF1-4 : Team Score Last -
QF1-5 : Total Yellow -
QF1-6 : Total Red -
QF1-7 : Player -
QF1-8 : Penalites -

QF2 Netherlands vs Costa Rica
QF2-1 : Half Time -
QF2-2 : Full Time -
QF2-3 : Score -
QF2-4 : Team Score Last -
QF2-5 : Total Yellow -
QF2-6 : Total Red -
QF2-7 : Player -
QF2-8 : Penalites -

* * * * * * *

Edited by blizzard, Jul 9 2014, 09:14 AM.
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