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I finally finished the base set and just today I got the two update sets from an eBay seller in Spain. But when I went to put them in the sleeves, I found out I was one short (u41-Thiago Alcántara-España)! But hopefully he will send me the missing card, it's just a standard base card.

This has been a fun, but expensive, set to build. I am in the US so I only have the 416 cards base set and now I have the two update sets. It's just too hard for me to try to get all the other ones.

What's a disappointment for me is I didn't look at the update checklists for the two update sets, and I just assumed there would be a few US players in there, but there are zero. In fact of the 130 player cards in the two update sets, it breaks down like this:

Africa: 12 (6 from Cameroon)
Asia: 4 (all Japan)
CONCACAF: 5 (only USA excluded)
Europe: 77
South America: 32

not very balanced.
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