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Sep 16 2014, 08:16 AM
I know advertising in this part of the forum is prohibited but as I said before, not creating a "fake user" just to write information here.

The Limited Editions in the products (same as all Swedish online stores and stores not belonging to big chains) are as follows..

Starter Pack:
Gareth Bale & Daniel Sturridge
Bale XXL

James Rodríguez & Yaya Touré

Steven Gerrard & Thomas Müller

Pocket Tin:
Diego Cost

As always with Panini, there is a slim chance/risk some Limiteds may change but as of today, this is the information we have.
As usual, the branded stores in Sweden will have other limiteds in their products. I have this information as well.

No other product information available so far.

you are not allowed to advertise selling cards as you do not have the required 100 posts
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