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Sep 29 2014, 03:59 PM
Sep 29 2014, 02:04 AM
thats topps for you they dont care the collectors they are making it harder every year to complete
all they care about is the money i wish panini would get the rights and let topps go back to america and stay there
Topps are not very forthcoming to me anymore, a few prizes if asked but my 3 requests for exclusive info before this seasons Match Attax collection release were ignored. They are very much 'in bed' with MOTD kids magazine as far as I can see, they get all the exclusive info now. Maybe I'm wrong but it does indicate that the collectors market is not as important as the kids toy market. The fact that the Premier Gold 2013 collection was given very little attention backs this up.
TBH our relationship with Topps took a nose dive ever since the Topps Customer Service thread, where a few members and even a moderator slagged off one of their customer Service employees and plotted to get him sacked! :doh

Sorry, off topic... :bum
Sometimes I have asked Topps a couple of questions and they have always answered them. Maybe not the answer I wanted but been pretty good. If anything got lost or damaged they have been 1st class to me.
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