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Man of the Match
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Oct 31 2014, 02:26 PM
Jul 26 2014, 03:23 PM
received my first 8 cards today
Did you every redeem your signed card, if so which one was it?

I think the Ronaldo signed didn't exist or has someone seen it on ebay? Maybe there was only one or two and these could be anywhere, in unopened starter packs or bottom of a kids toy box!

A little off topic :bum but does anyone know if the Gold Ferdinand 1 of 1 card (can't remember which year it was) was found?
Yeah Graham never told us what the blank redemption card was I'm so curious to hear what it was, I havnt seen any Ronaldo's on ebay havnt seen anyother card for that matter other than the usual Vlaar paulinho wilshere joe hart and wilshere man of the match, there is a Tim Howard out there for sure but apart from that no others have been seen by me, not sure about the gold Ferdinand year
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