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I am very very bewildered.
Please look at the price of Topps Premier Club 2015.

It is almost the same as Premier Gold.
I do not understand this selling point.
It might be a on-card autograph. However, still bewildered...


$ 225.64
1 box Pack of 50 pieces. 1 Pack 5 cards is entered.

'Premier' English Premier League luxury edition football cards from the popular tops Europe's Premier Club, a new Premier League football cards new!
Autographed singlinnap latest and beautiful photographs, innovative card design is characterized by, or Premier League Edition of the Stadium Club brand name MLB cards!

There are 150 kinds of regular cards!
Premier League Star 140 detailed biographies and results, with a card!
There are also future star subset which featured future star candidate 10 names!

glow 7 color Rainbow foil subset are 50 kinds!
Each team, such as Wayne Rooney, Sergio Aguero superstar 20!
Foreign born star 10 names such as CESC Fabregas and anheldimaria!
Featured the career of all 20 clubs hierachy 20 species!

in probability of approximately one box of 50 packs, autograph cards available!
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Topps Premier Club 2015 · Topps Premier Club 2015