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Adrenalynxl9 -

If you are 13, then congratulations.
There are no passports asked for, so the entry process is relaxed, therefore, there is no way of telling really.
However, the mental and emotional differences between you and my daughter (who is 13) and my 2 boys (both 11) in terms of decision making, concentration, and ability to manage pressure is massive.
The boys are finsihing primary school, but our girl is going into her 3rd year at high school. It does not seem fair to put kids as young as 7 and 8 against 13 year olds and it does not seem fair that people from southern England can come to scotland to graduate from a scottish venue to the national tournament.
My lad Jack feels like there is no point collecting next season at the moment and I feel that we are spending too much money on something that has consistently been disappointing for the last 2 years.

Jack was the best Scottish player at the tournament yesterday, easilly. He picked a great team and beat everyone except you and the other finalist (also English).
This is not right and we are writing a stern letter to Topps and the EPL about the situation.
Quiz was a joke in as well. Some of the questions were ridiculous.

What should have been a great day for EVERYONE, was basically just a money making promo event for topps that we tagged along for!

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