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How the hell have Panini come up with these 24 teams?

Bosnia have about as much chance of qualifying from Group B as Leicester City have of pipping Chelsea to the Premiership title this year! :rofl And Serbia are in an even worse position. :shrug

One argument might be that they've picked the 24 nations they think there'd be the most interest (so that their sales of this product are as high as possible), but I highly doubt that the Republic of Ireland would be a massive hot-spot for sales - and with a population of less than Scotland (who absolutely destroyed them at Hampden in November, and will do the same to them in Dublin in a couple of months time!!!), then it's a bit harsh that Martin O'Neill's cloggers have been selected ahead of wee Gordon Strachan's silky squad

And whichever bright spark at Panini decided to include Greece in this collection needs their head looking at (they're currently sitting in the same position in their group as Kazakhstan, Andorra, Luxembourg, Gibraltar, San Marino, Moldova, Malta & Armenia) - so it doesn't really take a rocket scientist to work out that there's a high likelihood that they might not quite make the plane to France!!! :idiot

I had planned on collecting this set, but Panini have alienated me (along with undoubtedly a load of Dutch, Welsh, Northern Irish, Hungarians and Icelanders)!!!

Shame on you Panini
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