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I think that it's easyer than all of those things you are writting. To publish a team in a TC set, you can have different ways: to have the right of a particular competition (champions legue i.e.) or to have the right of this particular team.

In years before panini have the rights of CL but also as the rights of diferente clubs as United, LPool, Bayern, RM, Barcelona... you can see that every year we have sets of those clubs in their countryes.

The reason why Topps doesnt publish this years a set of clubs is because A.)They dont have CL rights and B.)Panini has the rights of the best teams in Europe. Another example is that panini has published a set of cards in Japan using this idea, they publish cards from some premier league and bundesliga teams and they dont have the rights of those competitions (bundesliag and EPL)

So after this boring explanation, i wolud say that all the teams that are from panini (those who have particular sets each year) would appear in this new set:

Spain: RM, atlético and Barcelona for sure (Maybe valencia because appears in PFL)
Premier League: Liverpool and united (Chelsea also in PFL)
Portugal: Sporting, porto and benfica
Netherlands: Ajax
Bundesliga: Bayern, Borussia, schalke, Bayer

I have no idea about italy, where the indicidual sets for the clubs have been published by a local company. and also we can have teams from Brazil, Argentina or Mexico, like in PFL.

I am sure that also panini is going to try to have new licensed from important clubs like city or arsenal. In conclusión, i think that we are going to have something similar to Panini Football League but translated to adrenalyn design.
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