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I presume it will be teams not in Champions League, like Manchester United, Liverpool, AC Milan, Inter Milan, Napoli, Borussia Dortmund, Ajax, Sporting Lisbon, Olympique Marseille, Monaco, etc.
Why not? Panini can't use UEFA CL Logo but team is the team may be all, including CL participants. The war has just begun
I would think it's more complicated than just a matter of logo.<br /><br />Otherwise, why would Topps and Panini have fought for years for the Champions League's rights when they could very simply have offered a collection with only players in Champions League's teams, just without the logo?
They also can't use the name "Champions League". Together with not being allowed to use the logo that makes a major difference for your product.
Agreed, but I don't think that makes such a big difference - they can still come up with a name like European Champions, Masters of Europe and kids (main market of Adrenalyn XL cards) would nonetheless be interested. Mind you, even adult collectors would still be. <br /><br />Giving the matter more thought yesterday, I came up to a conclusion approaching Spanish's.<br /><br />For France, there could be Marseille, not sure about PSG (last time a collection was issued for them it was an Italian minor company), Lyons or Monaco.
To be able to release a "Top Teams" set without having the Champions League contract, you need to have contracts with several individual European top teams. Until last season Topps did not have the CL contract and very little or no contracts with individual European top teams (as most of these were also in Panini's hands), so I'm sure they never even considered a "Top Teams"-like set.
Now the situation has changed. Topps has the Champions League contract and can release a Champions League set, and Panini still has its individual contracts with European top teams so they can release their "Top Teams" set.
As collectors, we should be happy :clap

If the contracts that Panini has for the PFL and WCCF sets also gives them the right to use these teams in their Top Teams set, then these teams might be in there:
ITALY: Juventus, Napoli, AC Milan, AS Roma, Internazionale (all in latest PFL11), Fiorentina (in PFL until PFL09, also in WCCF13-14)
SPAIN: Real Madrid, Barcelona, Atletico Madrid, Valencia (all in latest PFL11)
GERMANY: Schalke 04, Borussia Dortmund, Bayern Munchen (all in latest PFL11), Bayer Leverkusen (in PFL until PFL08, also in WCCF13-14)
ENGLAND: Chelsea (in latest PFL11), Manchester United (in PFL until PFL08, also in WCCF14-15), Arsenal, Manchester City (both in WCCF13-14)
FRANCE: PSG, Monaco (all in latest PFL11)
NETHERLANDS: Ajax (in latest PFL11)

These are already 13 of the 16 teams from the CL 14-15 knock-out phase (and who needs Porto, Basel and Shakhtar Donetsk anyway ;) )
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