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Without intending to incur the wrath of Portlaw (who obviously has strong Villa connections)....

Questions have to be asked of the Aston Villa contracting strategy, when you allow a loop-hole of an 8M release clause on one of your best (if not THE best) player at the Club.

I find it strange how football fans always vilify players for leaving their Club for two or three times the wages they are currently on - when not one of them wouldn't change jobs at the drop of a hat if they were offered the same kind of wage increase from another employer.

It's a shame to see yet another promising player's career effectively finish, because I predict he'll only feature in a handful of Man City games over the next few years. I reckon he'll be driving back to Villa Park (in a much fancier motor) in 4 or 5 years time to try and 'resurrect' his once promising career....

Nice card BTW Portlaw. I'd snap it up if I were a City fan!!!
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