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Sep 16 2015, 10:14 PM
On the packets, it says there are 490 Cards to Collect, therefore if we are to assume the following;

340 Base Cards
20 Badges
20 Away Kits
20 Duo Cards

that totals 400 Cards - are we going to have another 3 MOTM's per Team? That would take it up to 460 - then 4 x 100 Club Cards = 464.... Either 26 or 46 Cards left dependant on whether 2 or 3 MOTM's....

Maybe these could be Legends like the 2012/13 Collection or possibly something else....?
I'm sad enough that I have a spreadsheet going!

I have 1 to 360 as 17 base cards and 1 badge per club.

Away kits start at 421 through to 440 (by knowing Mertesacker and Oscar's card numbers)

Duo cards 441 to 460 (by knowing Arsenal and Newcastle card numbers)

So I have 60 cards between the base and the away kits and 30 between the duo cards and No. 490.

Does the 490 include the 3x5 Limited Editions? If so, that'll count for 15 of them. 4x 100 clubs? Leaves a weird number of 11 cards in a row that we have no idea what they are?
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