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Sep 26 2015, 08:37 AM
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Doesn't let me choose a team name. Let's me choose 2/3 but the last one automatically changes to 'Updating available options'. If I hit random, it does that for all three fields.

Managed to create an account.

So they've completely thrown out the Fantasy Football wins Pro 11 cards idea? Now we have to sit through a slow 5-10 minute Matcx Attax Live match, god knows how many times, to win try win Pro 11 cards?
Yeah, you're correct with that Pro 11 assumption Zissou.

For your info, I was having problems with three Team name drop-down boxes last night as well. But I discovered that if you pick the last one first, and work back the way - then it seems to work. If it doesn't accept the third drop down - just save your details, and try again with the third drop-down box. Note, you have to keep typing in your password and confirming it each time until all the fields have been accepted and your account is created.

Match Attax Live is how you win Pro 11 cards this year. Nothing to do with the Fantasy Football.

Typing in a code releases that Pro 11 card along with ten virtual cards, and you have to pick a Pro 11 card to play for each week (like you had to in the Fantasy Football). The top 1000 players (who have selected a Pro 11 card that week) will win a Pro 11 each week. Typing in a Limited Edition player code (which doesn't have a Pro 11 number on it) gives you 50 virtual cards to play Match Attax live with. You then 'earn' more virtual cards by doing stuff on the website (like modifying your grave and team badge etc).

The Match Week finishes at midnight on Sunday (I think I read), so you have a little bit more time compared to the Fantasy Saturday deadline last year in which to get your team registered and in the Top 1000 - although I'm not sure whether Topps will start awarding cards immediately or not.

The biggest change with the website this year (as far as I can see) is that you can't easily log out to run multiple accounts. This has caused chaos in my house because my three kids all want to create accounts and play the game - but I can't figure a way to easily do that. So if anyone susses out how to logout and create another account - feel free to educate me!!!
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