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Nov 1 2015, 01:03 PM
Saying it because what interest is there in going to get a sheet when everyone has the same code - why bother wasting the money on printing etc for them just to be put in the dustbin - why not put individual codes and make it more interesting to try get more codes - why not make the sheets 6 new cards (more legends etc) so people want to bother collecting them - they just have no marketing vision - what they need is a collector / supplier on their marketing team so they get the full effect on offers like this instead of wasted paper that will just be binned. EG wilshere comic relief card or International Stars sheets - something different - they have now had 2 sheet promotions and all of cards already in the collection - stupid
totally agree they need a real collector on board to offer a different perspective.

I also agree that maybe there should be something different on the promotion sheets, but with dealers, suppliers and ebay people don't collect the same as they did 20 years ago. so many people have collected and completed their albums within the first few weeks of release,(I am one of those).
you do remember got got need need got in the playgrounds, all the real fun of collecting has gone
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