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Hi everyone! My first post here!
I've been lurking for a little while, and as I've not found anything covering my question I thought I better register and say hi!!

My problem is this; I'm collecting this seasons champions league edition, and registered on the topps football website (German version) so I can enter the match attax live codes that come in each pack of cards.
However, when I enter a code, I get shown a heap of champions league cards I've been awarded, then when I navigate away they're gone. Am I correct in thinking that these cards are the. Saved in my folder In the match attax live area of the website?? If so, it's just not the case with me.
When I log in to the German site, I'm greeted with the premier league table.
When I go to MA live, I only have the option of playing premier league.
My MA live folder is all premier league players.
The pro11 section of MA live is in Japanese/Chinese!

As the website itself offers virtually no support, and topps customer services (in UK and Germany) haven't replied to any mails, I thought I'd ask you knowledgeable guys!!

Has anyone experienced such a thing? I've a mountain of live codes I'm waiting to use! :angry :angry

Thanks for reading
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