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Jan 15 2016, 10:40 PM
Has anyone found any tins or multipacks in the shops? If so, where?
My local Tesco had the Multipacks Catherine, along with the Starter packs, tins and jumbo tins.

But when I tried to buy three jumbo tins, they didn't scan through - saying the item isn't recognised. After a few confused discussions at the check-out between employees - a couple of managers were called in to resolve the issue. They disappeared and left me waiting for eight minutes, where one came back, took the jumbo tins out of my basket and apologised saying that they couldn't sell them to me!!!

I asked why they couldn't, and was told 'because we don't know the price'.

I responded, 'Surely the price sticker on the front of the tin 9.99 / 14.99 Euros gives you a clue as to how much they are? Can you not just over-ride your till and put through a payment of 29.97 for the three tins?

I was told 'no - this is not possible, I'm sorry'!!!

I'll go elsewhere tomorrow to try and find a shop that is prepared to sell me the items that they display!!!

The Multi-Packs are good value again, with a guaranteed Limited Edition Konoplyanka. I bought five getting two silvers and three bronze. But the packets also contained a fair share of insert cards (Man of the Matches etc). I got a couple of Hundred Clubs in them as well - so will be buying more (until I find one of the elusive Golds!).
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