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Jan 16 2016, 01:55 PM
Jan 16 2016, 01:34 PM
I have entered 2 codes now and it has given me 2 different PRO 11 cards online to the ones on the card.

Is this happening to everyone? Is it pot luck what card is going to be unlocked?
Well it's happened to me as well Catherine. Two codes entered, and different players unlocked.

And my Champions League Pro 11 card isn't saving in the Champions League game. You pick it as normal and it confirms it's saved, but when you go in and play, the card you're playing for box is blank (just underneath where you click the PLAY NOW button).

I agree (at the moment) it looks like you have to choose EITHER a English Premier League Pro 11 card OR a Champions League Pro 11 card to win.

trokes, are both your Champions League and English Premier League Pro 11 picks still showing as selected? If I go into the Premier League game, the card that is showing is my Champions League Pro 11 pick!!!
I opened a new account today to see what would happen.

and when I pick my champions league pro 11 card to win it saves it and stays on the champions league section.

I think this because I have no premier league pro 11 cards saved on this account

think I will have to create some more email addresses and just create new accounts to win the cards more quickly.

all depends on how long they will let the competition to run

to win one card a week from the CL pro 11 it will almost be the start of the 16/17 season
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