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For those of you who are trying to win specific Pro 11 cards in the Topps Champions League set, please find below a list of codes, and which cards they unlock.

I have only unlocked nine cards so far, but it appears they are paired with one another and going by the ones I know, it also appears there is a sequence to work out the other ones. I have marked with an asterix * the ones that I have made an educated guess on.

Please note this is not 100% verified, so if any of the info in inaccurate please post up and I will adjust the post accordingly.

P1 = P25 confirmed
P2 = P26*
P3 = P27*
P4 = P28 confirmed
P5 = P29
P6 = P30
P7 = P31
P8 = P32 confirmed
P9 = P17*
P10 = P18
P11 = P19*
P12 = P20*
P13 = P21*
P14 = P22 confirmed
P15 = P23*
P16 = P24*
P17 = P9*
P18 = P10 confirmed
P19 = P11*
P20 = P12*
P21 = P13*
P22 = P14
P23 = P15*
P24 = P16
P25 = P1
P26 = P2*
P27 = P3*
P28 = P4 confirmed
P29 = P5 confirmed
P30 = P6 confirmed
P31 = P7 confirmed
P32 = P8
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