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Feb 13 2016, 12:21 AM
Feb 12 2016, 10:36 PM
I am absolutely new in live playing, but I have 150 unused Live Code Cards. A few questions I have:
Usually how many plays/codes needed to win a Pro11 card?
Do topps ships the cards overseas? Do overseas players have to pay for shipping? If yes, do they send the cards individually, or could they packed together?
I guess, my questions might sound stoopid for you, but I am an absolute beginner in live playing :)
Hi rosencrantz,

you don't need to enter a code to be able to play Match Attax online. If you want to win a Pro11 cards, though, you will have to unlock Pro11 cards online first. To do that, you simply enter the code which you find on the live code cards. For example, when you enter a code found on a Bale live code card, you will unlock a virtual Raheem Sterling Pro11 card. You can enter as many codes as you want, but there is no use in entering 2 or more codes of a specific player as you can only unlock every virtual Pro11 card once. So ideally, you just enter 32 codes for 32 different players.
Every week you can select one of the virtual Pro11 cards that you have unlocked. In my experience, playing one or two matches is already enough to win a Pro11 card. It seems that the number of online players is very limited atm.

I don't know the answer to your second question, but I'm sure there are people here who do.
In the UK, Topps sends every Pro11 card separately as far as I know.

Good luck with Match Attax Live and winning Pro11 cards!
Thank you for your detailed answer, it was really helpful. I have already started to play to gain experience. But unfortunately Hungarian translation of this surface is extremely poor, and I cant figure out, how to select the specific Pro11 cad to play for (I mean the real paper card, not the virtual one). Thank you, your help is really appriciated :)
 Happy Collecting :)  
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