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I bought 2 starter packs (Davis and Kane),Strike it (Hazard) and a full box.....well 69 packs someone must have bought just the 1!! I have opened one of the sides of my box and have got a couple of sigs,matchball,top qualifiers and a couple of legends so far.

The card design has stayed the same more or less and the others look quite good. I wish they were real signatures and I see on the pack that they have special material cards in packs. I'm sure that this was in another collection before but have never seen one. There is also more of a illustrated pull out for a checklist this time.

I do know I'm going to have a big pile of base dupes to store away. Do you know if Topps are doing anything this year? Had lots of things to collect this year football wise and even Star Wars 3x!!

Overall a quite good set. Happy collecting.
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