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Limited Edition
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Feb 18 2016, 09:29 PM
Even if it should be this way, I think Panini did so much more better than Topps with gold, silver bronze, where you can have a bronze Limited which is worth more than a gold one (strange...). I think there wonīt be a rating between classic, hero and shiny. But letīs count - 22 Limited Editions so far x 3 would be more that 60.... Holy Moly....
Or maybe all LE will be in 3 issue - Hero, Shinny and Classic and.....the some in XXL. 6 LE of one player in total. Global more then 200LE cards - the new Panini standard ;)
And maybe special edition in Turkey (18 players) and Iceland (18 players) and Albania (18 players) and Poland (18 players) and Russia (18 players) and....... = edition will be release only in this country. And of course "nordic edition' with x cards special in this release but remember Iceland (in Panini standard) are nor Nordic country.
The time for real collectors going to end, now is is time for traders and wholesalers.

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