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Limited Edition
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Feb 18 2016, 06:27 PM
Great cards but massive amounts of swaps in the 33 packs I got today. Bought 25 packs from a box, 2 with the starter pack and got 6 with the 2 magazines. From 297 cards bought I have 113 swaps. This seems really high to me, especially as I have just started the collection. I also noticed that 4 times I got the same 3 cards at the back of a pack, Wilshere, Gotze and Arnason and a totally duplicated pack. There are more base cards than the 365 collection but the distribution in the packs seems to be as bad.
Agree. I'm only just starting to collect this but am nearing 50% swaps in my packs at the moment with my binder still looking very sparse!

Think this was a problem back in 2011 with Match Attax Extra as well, but not got a clue whether it ever got resolved! Early days for this set though, so with a bit of luck later boxes could be better distributed in terms of cards.
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