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Feb 17 2016, 07:31 AM
How much time is it to receive the PRO11 card after someone has 'won' it by being in the top 1000 at a turning point from sunday to monday? Weeks? Months? Topps sends a message about it, or its rather a surprise in the postbox someday?
On the Monday afternoon (the day after the Sunday midnight deadline), you get a message from Topps to the Inbox on your Online Match Attax account confirming you've finished in the Top 1000, and which Pro 11 card you've won. They ask you to check the address held on the system, so that your card can be posted to the correct address.

Topps usually work between 3 and 4 weeks behind in the actual deliveries of these cards. So for instance yesterday 26th February I received the cards I was told I had won on Monday 1st February.

It's still not clear if people outwith the UK can win these cards. I don't think they can, but if any members who live in other countries know differently - please feel free to correct me.
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