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Limited Edition
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Main rulings seems to be regarding use of tactic cards.
They must be 2 different cards
+10 only with a base card
+5 with base or hth or *P
Manager with base, hth, *P or duo

You may only have one magic moment card in your team.

In the rules that came with the main binder (either in the little A5 book or on the stadium play pitch, cant remember which) it said regarding the +10
"Make sure both players have turned over their cards before adding the +10"
Apparently from what i hear this is not the case and it must be used before cards are turned up. Nobody turned it afterwards in belfast ans we didnt use a +10 in our team so this wasnt an issue in belfast.
Please ask if you have any other specific questions.
Hope this helps.
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Easter Championship · Match Attax 15/16