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hello people,
i've discovered Match Attax Champions League 2 weeks ago when travelling to London (I'm French!).
so i've cracked...many Champions League boosters...and Premier League too.
i was thinking the game is a little boring (as Adrenalyn) but finally after playing on Match Attax Live its really great !!
i don't have any problem such as you did when entering the codes (sure its have been corrected),
but as Frenchman seems impossible to win pro 11 cards (no choice possible).
also as i've buyed Premier League boosters it was impossible to play Premier League for me (only Champions League).
then buy chance i've discovered that when changing the language (from French to Uk) and case n3 on the address, i can play Premier League !!
but even if i can choose now pro 11 cards for both plays they don't send the cards (even if i around the best 100 players for CL).
sure there is a problem with my address.
also throphies aren't working and i'm not classified for Premier League.
they don't respond to questions...
anyone can help me ?
its a pity i can't normally win the pro 11 cards...
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