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May 6 2016, 05:40 AM
i have my answer...
in fact i buyed a french starter (cannot find one in london), and inside an explanation about the Match Attax live section...
but no reference at all about the pro 11 cards...
so its obvious topps considered France as a subcountry and don't want to send pro cards there...
strange they seems to send to others countries (Est, Nordic ??).
I am not sure which countries they do send cards to but I can fully understand them sending them to the Nordic countries as the Premier League has a big following there.....and having been to Norway and bought some Champions League packs for Nearly 2 a pack for 6 cards the least they could do is give them some free cards!!

Maybe if they do the Pro 11s next year with the same format I could collect them for you and you could send me some French cards in exchange...I am always on the lookout for some different cards for our YouTube channel



These are cards we got from France just before Christmas
Check Out Our Match Attax 2014-15 binder.... https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IZmVncxNFLY
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