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Here is what I've fond out: Topps ships the PRO11 cards to UK (and Ireland ???) addresses only. So the only possibility to get your cards is to ask a friend who lives there to let you use his address and name when registering on Toppsfootball.com. The system has a database of UK addresses, so you have to be very accurate when giving the address.

Besides this you have to pick UK (in language selection) each time you log in. But because some browsers are remembering your previous pick, and Topp's website tries to find out where you are browsing from, you may each time clear the cache of your browser, to be able to select the language.

So, if you win a card (one per week per registration, always ending on sunday midnight) that will go to your friends name and address, and your friend should forward them to you in smaller or greater bundles.

I have fount no other possibility to get them from other countries than the UK. But this method works for me.
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