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MA 11/12; Ideas
Topic Started: Feb 25 2011, 08:23 PM (1,605 Views)
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My Idea's.

I have always said this, and to some extent, I still agree. I think there should only be 20 Motm as 60 is unrealistic. Having 3 Motm per team does not work. Have 1 per team(The player who has got the most MOTM's has the card) Not 3 per team. Only 1. So 20 Motm in the set. But on the other side, I love rainbow foil cards, and if they do 20 in the main set, how many will they do for the extra set? So, advantages and disadvantages there.

But one thing that has NO disadvantages is MORE LIMITEDS! We need 1 per team. It would be awsome to have more limiteds. Having a normal set that you can get all from 1 box is good, but I want a challenge. So, more limiteds is a MUST. I like the Idea of them being in random boxes maybe? Like over the UK, they could be in RANDOM boxes maybe? That would be a challenge. Also,more Tin Le's?

Also, I think they should have a more, wide range of finding HC. Not just top 4 clubs. They should have HC as the player who has performed the best out of the collection, not just top 4 as they know they will get a lot of poeple appriciating the set as (not talking about people on the forum) but little kids are glory suppurts and suppurt big team's, therefor will all be IN favour of the HC to be top 4 teams - But for the proper collecters a wider range?

Also, I think a subset would be good. Maybe rising stars, maybe not. Also, still not sure about the legends Idea, as I said in my video, once you have done it once (Like arsenal - Wright and Berkamp) Who do you do for the next season? Legends do not change, so who would they do? It would be kind of silly to start a Legends subset. But another one would be nice.

More Merchendise? German sets are getting loads of Merchendise, we need more in the EPL set, because come to think of it we dont have much? I think the Mini Binder and the Tin is about it... Excluding Moma's Squad box and the box (Which In my eyes Counts and does not count as Merchendise...)

So yeah, some Ideas there to maybe look on...
Edited by Mariocamb13, Feb 25 2011, 08:47 PM.
Thanks to everyone who i have traded with. I have fully completed thease sets including ALL limited editions and mastercards...

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