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Futera & FCF
Topic Started: Aug 10 2011, 01:07 PM (2,107 Views)
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well done fcf
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is this actually hapening :doh oh wait it is awesome
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is there any word or info that Futera can provide on their possible upcoming releases within say the next year (up to June 2012) ? the curious me just wants to know if I need to save up for any new sets ha ha ... :) last one out was Futera Unique I think. or are they done for the year and we can expect nothing new till 2012 ?

and not meaning those vCards (Mysticals) which are great for the game but not so for the collector :)
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Aug 25 2011, 07:23 PM
Gr8 news about futera and yes, hopefully they'll use this as an opportunity to do some positive promo.

on the Tim Howard auto's, I have a few I got myself from him when he was at United and they are the same as the first 2. not sure if he's changed his auto since tho - r the other 2 more recent cards?
The first two I posted (Upper Deck & Topps) are from 2003 and 2011 I believe the Futera ones are from 2010 & 2011.
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They usually do a set of foil pack where its 24 packs a box and maybe 2 hits in it everyy few years in between unique sets but the last one of them was 2007 i think but im a big fan of both unique and foil packs :)
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Superb quality cards. Sets can be quite massive but truly excellent cards. And they've been around a long time as well.
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