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What do you think of the new binder design
Much better than the old one. 8 (7.4%)
A bit better than last years 9 (8.3%)
Not fussed no better or worse 11 (10.2%)
Not as good as previous binder designs 16 (14.8%)
Awful should never have changed 64 (59.3%)
Total Votes: 108
New Binder - Good, Bad or Ugly?
Topic Started: Oct 23 2011, 06:51 PM (3,038 Views)
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the concept is great as the binder is never ending, so you can just add teams and carsd ie you just add more inserts for your card colelction

The main issue is the inserts pages with the 9 card holders either side are made from very thin plastic which is very flimsy go back 5-10 years when you could buy more durable card inserts, which would cost more per page than the ones topps gets made/done for this years binder.

You can see this when you compare the binders from shoot out / panini and then topps. In order to cut costs the binders become lighter and more flimsy which results in the cards getting damaged. It may be a good idea that topps launch a better quality binder that can only be bought from they website and a call it a limited edition collectors binder!!!! etc.

Some good feedback for topps to chew over, ps used one of these new binders to put a spare set of cards in what a nightmare they cards just fall out. Gone back to the good old fashioned binders off last year etc etc

can topps do a pdf of the binder covers and checklist so i can put them in last years binder, currently using the play pitch that was given away at the match attax lunch event, gillotenin in 2 and printer lists on the inside cover
Edited by Matchattaxmad, Nov 14 2011, 11:01 PM.
wish list cards signed ma12 19/520 3% ma champ 200/293 70% ma11 262/472 55% ma10 249/471 50% Ma10 ex 49/167 = 29% Ma09 157/451= 37% Ma09 ex60/170=35% Ma08 120/450 =26% Ma08 ex 16/162 =9.8% Ma07 72 =16% Ma07 ex / % pchamp 07 37/288 =12.8% S06 131/360=36% SO06ex 17/72 =23% S05 52/360 =14.4% SO5ex 4/60 = 6.6% S04 27/360 = 7.5% S03 19/360 = 5.2% P world cup 2010 6 = 1.7% T/signed=1400+
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