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Football Champions
Topic Started: Nov 3 2011, 06:22 AM (81,548 Views)
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Hi all,
I registered once I saw this topic as it might be the only Football Champions forum that is still alive!
When the game was first released in 2001 in Asia I was still in Primary School but me and my friends really went crazy about it.
Unfortunately we didn't really understand the rules and the Premier League Version was discontinued after 2 seasons (My collections almost entirely on EPL, Serie A notable cards only Ronaldo 01-02 and a Chivu 03-04 Foil)
So it went into dust once I started going to Secondary School.

But just recently my Primary Schoolmate came back from the US and we decided to have a throwback night and took that forgotten Football Champions box out of the drawer after more than 10 years.
Going into the 2001-02 rule book again as an adult, I finally realized how GOOD a game it is
So much tactics and endless combinations of teams.
Love it so much that I just purchased the box of 01-02 booster packs on Ebay LOL

However I still have some questions regarding gameplay:

1. Do you play Action cards at the kick-off challenge? If yes, can I use "Clear the Lines" (63/80, 01-02) to get +3 in abilities which can only be used if the other played passed without an arrow? (Which has to be the case at kick-off)

2. After the goalkeeper saved a shot and the player choose to kick the ball to midfield for a header challenge, can he move players beforehand? and if he kicks the ball to a section where there are no opposing players, does he win the challenge automatically or the defending side can try to move players to that section first?

3. If there are no opposing players in a section in the Forward Line after you make a pass, do you get to shoot immediately or your opponent can try to move players to that section first?

Many thanks!
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Aug 27 2016, 02:35 PM
welcome and thanks for sharing your experiences !!
if i don't make an mistakes,
1. Yes you can play action cards at a kick-off challenge, only don't get 2 cards when the challenge is finished (01/02 rules, it changes after with 02/03 rules). there is no pass at a kicf-off challenge so you can't use a card like "Clear the Lines". (and any other similar).
2. i think players can't moove when a goalkeeper kick the ball to midfield (but the rules don't talk about it) so yes challenge is automatically win !!(its a big risk to let an empty space in midfield). i play this way.
3. for this point, after a pass the defender can moove to intercept. but if he can't the challenge is a win and you can shoot !!

have fun, as i always said Football Champions is still alive !!
Thanks so much jeanmarie.

1. I would prefer the 02/03 rules then, there are a lot of times where you do not get a suitable defending action card at the start, if you lose the kick-off challenge you end up conceding a goal at the very beginning of every half.

2. The 01-02 rulebook states that "If the Goalkeeper kicks the ball up to a Player in the Midfield Line, he does this instead of his team's pass next turn. He shouldn't kick the ball until it's time for the next turn's pass", it's very vague to say the least, but IMO if it's counted as a pass I think you can move before kicking the ball. (As in real-life the goalie can hold on for 6 seconds before kicking so players can get up-and-down) But your rules are reasonable as well! you don't often see a defender going forward or forward coming back battling for a header in the midfield in real-life either! Maybe I will only allow players that are already in the midfield line to move

3. Problem solved!
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Perhaps we can share some team-building strategies as well!

Using the 1300-points criteria:

Goalie: I always tried to get Barthez 01-02 in the team, saving 10 is everything and with a penalty rating of 4 it makes the action card "One on One" super powerful (though risky)

Defender: The best defenders I have are Hyypia 02-03 and Ferdinand 01-02, but I tend not to use them as the action card "Exploited" is lethal against them and any other defenders with the "defending sign", Nesta 01-02 would be the perfect defender for me actually but ofcoz I dun have him LOL I also try to include a defender with pass ability so after Barthez saves all the shots I get a boost by passing from the defending line. The other 2 will be scrub fillers.

Some of my favourites: Wayne Bridge 02-03 (9-8-3-5-7, 173 points) Pascal Cygan 02-03 (7-9-4-6-8, 152 points)

Midfielder: I think the most important part of a team as you need to do kick-off challenges, luckily I have IMO the most powerful card in the game Beckham 02-03 (9-9-9-10-7 with pass, Beckham with a pace of 9 is absolutely ridiculous) It's pretty hard to left him off the team, I tend to put two scrubs in the defending line but only one in the midfield just to make sure all 3 sections of the line is covered by a competitive player.

Some of my favourites: Quinton Fortune 01-02 (7-6-4-6-4, only 86 points!) David Dunn 02-03 (8-6-7-8-5 with Attacking sign, 158 points)

Forward: There are too many monster forwards in this game, but as I am a midfield-heavy player, I tried to do the most with my forwards with the least points as my go-to option is Beckham going forward really LOL I attack with the "High Cross" or midfield players passing the ball sideways in the forward line, so header ability is pretty important for me

My favourite: Aston Villa's Bosko Balaban 01-02 (7-4-7-7-8 with Attacking sign, 125 points), yes a little more expensive than Ferguson and header not as good but he gives you a lot more options to attack such as change of pace or Test of Skill when you don't have "High Cross", Also shooting at 8 is pretty solid as well.

What's your team-buliding strategy?
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That's a 1100-point team isn't it?
Very nice team mate!

I have been doing team matches as well
Bolton 01-02 has got to be one of the worst teams of all time LOL
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I haven't been playing with 1100 points for a long time
but I just tried building a team using 01-02 cards

Barthez - 269pts

Unsworth - 27pts
Bjornebye - 86pts
Powell - 179pts
O'Brien - 25pts

Pembridge - 28pts
Donati - 144pts
Jokanovic - 24pts
Lampard - 168pts

Balaban - 125pts
Vryzas - 24pts

That's a total of 1099pts

Nothing outstanding really
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Mono-player team is the norm in Football Champions I guess, just because the way it's designed (I do think the fatigue factor in 2002-03 is a massive improvement)
As good as the Battys, Donatis and the Lampards are, they will have a hard time going past the Keanes and Vieiras in the Midfield
That's why I enjoyed playing games using players from the same club instead, u get a chance to utilize more players

Yea I just played a Bolton vs Blackburn game yesterday, Blackburn's problem is Friedel who's got a 6 in save only, It's not even enough to stop a normal version of Ricketts LOL
And you've got Frandsen and Nolan who can help with defending.

Who do u think is the best Premiership team in 2001-02 then?
For me it's between Leeds or Liverpool
Leeds has a monster in every line (If you put Kewell in the midfield, and Batty ofcoz LOL) and a good goalkeeper
Liverpool is also very balanced in defense and attack (Best striker partner in 2001-02 Owen + Heskey)
Arsenal doesn't have a good enough goalie
Manchester United have very weak defenders
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Posted Image

Do you guys think Lauren is one of the best Midfielders under 150 points in 2001-02?

8 in Pace and 8 in Tackle, he can be a perfect sidekick to your star player in midfield and keep the ball
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My 2001-02 Premier League Base Set booster box has just arrived haha (still waiting for the Title Race one)
I am happy to get Owen, Beckham and Matt Le Tissier, all EPL legends!

Does anyone here by any chance have a Darry Powell (Derby County) foil card for sale/trade?
I wasn't aware that such a card existed and Derby team in 2001-02 really need him to complete the midfield!
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Hi there I am still missing the following cards to complete the 2001-02 English Set:


Anyone have extras to help me out?
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